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Full Spectrum CBD Oil, THC Free

Our full-spectrum CBD THC Free Oil produced is a complete whole plant extract and is not synthetic or an Isolate. Our products are pure and natural, containing organically grown and extracted under stringent conditions. The full-spectrum hemp oil contains all the synergistic terpenoids, cannabinoids, essential oils, and the goodness of the original plant components.

There are many potential health benefits associated with taking CBD Oil.
Always consult your medical doctor to make sure hemp oil is right for you.

How does CBD Oil work?

CBD Oil has a high bioavailability which allows it to enter the body efficiently, allowing smaller doses to remain effective.

Our system is an Endocannabinoid System. CBD Oil is readily recognized by our body's DNA and the Plant's RNA.

What role does it play in our system?

It plays a significant role in regulating the endocannabinoid system, the system in our body that uses cannabinoids naturally produced by our system.

CBD popularity

Modern scientific research, public awareness, and public pressure played a significant role in worldwide Governments reassessing and relaxing restrictions. These have given rise to THC Free CBD Oil's well-deserved popularity and availability.


CBD Oil quickly bonds and works in harmony with our metabolism, firstly relieving inflammation and any inflammatory stress caused by the condition to allow the body to continue its healing processes


CBD Oil and the Endocannabinoid System

Although research on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is still relatively in its infancy, medical science has made massive progress in understanding CBD and the ECS. These advancements have allowed for increased research on the adoption and the subsequent rise of CBD knowledge and popularity.

Determining High-Quality from Poor Quality CBD Oil

It's essential to differentiate between high-quality CBD oil and poor-quality CBD oil. A good CBD oil usually comes in an amber-gold, greenish-amber, or pale-yellow color, with clear consistency, and is free of any plant material. Coming across a CBD oil product that falls short of these requirements shows that the product is not processed with professional equipment. Good CBD oil has a floral, fruity aroma depending on the strain or species of plant from which extracted.


Indivita™ Global
CBD Oil Extraction procedures

The extraction process of CBD Oil, THC free, from the Cannabis plant, is similar to extractions from various plants with a few different intermediate techniques.

There are two standard methods of CBD oil extraction:

1. Organic Alcohol Extraction
2. CO2 extraction

Organic Alcohol Extraction We at Indivita™ Global favor the Edible, Organic Alcohol Extraction method. Through research and experimentation, we feel Alcohol is the most efficient process of extracting more of the goodness of the Cannabis plant. It dissolves all the components more effectively to give us a 'full spectrum' product and maintain the all-important terpenes

Alcohol is evaporated through distilling extraction machines. After passing through various high-tech, temperature-controlled extraction and filtration processes, we are left with the purest form of CBD. Finally, we then send it through temperature-controlled ovens.

CO2 Extraction It involves filtering the gas through temperature-controlled chambers under high pressure to create a supercritical phase. While in this phase, CO2 behaves like both a gas AND a liquid.

CBD Oil dosage guide

Our metabolism and cellular structure vary in each person. Hence there is no optimal CBD dosage that would suit every individual. A graduated dropper is included with each package.

One full dropper contains around 1mL of Oil, which equals 20 drops. Initially, until you get accustomed to the measurement, we recommend you count the 20 drops equating to 1ml.

Start with a quarter or half of that dosage, i.e., five drops or ten drops once a day, and build up to the full 1ml. Do not panic if you exceed the number of drops.

Children can be given a quarter ml or five drops per day.

Indivita™ Global
CBD oil bottle contents strength guidelines


1000mg Hemp Whole plant extract

500mg CBD extract

i.e., 20mg Hemp extract per 1ml

10mg CBD extract per 1ml


2200mg Hemp Whole plant extract

1100mg CBD extract

i.e., 44mg Hemp extract per 1ml

22mg CBD extract per 1ml


10,000mg Hemp Whole Plant extract

5000mg CBD Extract


3,000mg Hemp Whole Plant extract

1,500mg CBD extract

i.e., 100mg Hemp extract per 1ml

50mg CBD extract per 1ml


15,000mg Hemp Whole Plant extract

7500mg CBD extract


4,500mg Hemp Whole Plant extract

2,250mg CBD extract

i.e., 150mg Hemp extract per 1ml

75mg CBD Extract per 1ml


20,000mg Hemp Whole Plant extract

10,000mg CBD extract


6,000mg Hemp Whole Plant extract

3,000mg CBD extract

i.e., 200mg Hemp extract per 1ml

100mg CBD Extract per 1ml

Indivita™ Global
Product shelf life

To ensure that our products remain fresh when you receive them, we gas them with edible Argon Gas, used to preserve fine foods and wines. Being inert, this heavier than air Argon gas prevents oxidization by laying on top of the product and not allowing air to touch the product. It forces air out of the bottle even after it is tipped and returned to equilibrium. The product's freshness is thus preserved. The shelf life also increases over and above our conservatively marked 'Best Before Date' printed.


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Sales Packages

Indivita Global proudly invites you on a journey to support better health for you and your loved ones. We are very grateful for our customers, who have now become a friend along the way.

We are excited to offer you a healthier solution by becoming a part of our team to make a Global difference in the quality of life of your friends and family.

We are privileged to announce that we have created a fantastic offer to share with your friends and family who would like to be a part of our mission.

Indivita Global respects your valuable time, so our team has made it an effortless experience with no mess or fuss. No approval process or paperwork.

We are pleased to offer two long-awaited Outstanding Packages of which you can be a part.

RUBY Package and DIAMOND Package.

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