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What is CBD hemp oil, and where is it derived from?
Cannabidiol (CBD hemp oil) is extracted from the complete cannabis plant, commonly called hemp. You may also have heard it referred to as 'Whole Plant Extract', Full spectrum. CBD, CBD hemp oil or even Hemp oil extract.
There are many different strains of cannabis with varying levels of THC and Cannabidiol with differing effects. For example, the strength of some plant species contains more CBD and Cannabidiol than others.
These Phyto-cannabinoids -- cannabidiol, among others, naturally occur in the Aerial parts of the Hemp plant, namely in the stem, leaves, and flowers.
After deriving the cannabinoids from aerial parts of the hemp plant during our production process, we’re left with a full-spectrum hemp extract that retains a range of naturally occurring Phyto-cannabinoids terpenes and flavonoids - all of which are found naturally in hemp. This extract is then diluted with a carrier oil to make the final Indivita Global range of products.

Is CBD Hemp oil and Hemp oil extract the same?
Yes, they are all the same product, created by extracting Cannabidiol from the cannabis or hemp plant through a very exacting process.
Producers may label them under any of the above names, but be assured they are all the same product
The term "hemp" identifies the cannabis that contains 0.3% THC content or less by dry weight.
A more accurate way to think about this would be that various cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG and THCV, are inherently present in this plant.  Each has different beneficial effects depending on the species genetic makeup.
Other factors such as terpenes also have an essential role to play.

Is Hemp Seed oil the same as CBD Oil, Hemp oil extract?
Let’s clarify the confusion between Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp oil extract. Some people refer to “hemp oil” when discussing hemp seed oil.  Others mistakenly use the same term when referring to Hemp oil extract, CBD (cannabidiol) extract.
Hemp seed oil is cold-pressed from hemp seeds and primarily composed of dietary fats that benefit the skin. It does not contain the same plant compounds present in CBD hemp oil.
(Please be aware of misleadingly labelling on products advertising Hemp Oil to give the impression that the product contains CBD or Hemp oil extract. On close examination of the ingredients or fine print, it contains Hemp Seed Oil.

Can you get high From CBD hemp Oil Or Hemp Oil extract?
The widespread misconception became a general viewpoint among those entering into industry-related work, where there were many myths surrounding cannabinoids.
The truth is, Cannabidiol has none of the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana due to the low-level THC percentage presence.

Is CBD hemp oil is addictive?
It is not addictive in any way, nor does it have the THC psychoactive effects whatsoever.
The misconception that cannabis is addictive is a lie so old that it wouldn't surprise me if you believed it!
Many people who have tried cannabis for the THC content and thought it was habit-forming discovered to the contrary actually how non-addictive and effortless it indeed is to give up,

What are the benefits of CBD hemp oil or Hemp Oil extract?
When examining how these substances interact within our bodies - cancer cells being one situation where scientists worldwide have thoroughly researched their effects - it becomes obvious why it has entered the medical field. There is intensive scientific research worldwide, and new benefits are constantly being discovered.
There is also strong evidence that it helps treat anxiety and schizophrenia.
There is even evidence that the extract may assist with eczema. In some instances, it may even help with female arousal threshold issues.

Does CBD hemp oil and Hemp oil extract, and Cannabidiol help with anxiety?
It is a natural alternative to medication for anxiety and stress. It can be taken as a relief for this disorder without creating any noticeable distortion in your mood, nor will it alter your sense of reality.
The inherent calming properties can readily help regulate emotions.
It has been linked with improvements in mental health by lowering depression symptoms without the side effects of mainstream medicines.
Does CBD hemp oil assist with pain relief, inflammation, sleeplessness and acne?

The benefits are far-reaching. Research has shown some evidence that CBD hemp oil may assist with pain relief, muscle inflammation and reduce feelings of anxiety. Higher strengths have been successful in treating insomnia.
Studies have also found that it can positively impact human sebocytes - the cells that usually cause acne breakouts when applied topically.

How does CBD hemp oil make you feel?
You will not feel the "high" that comes with typical cannabis ingestion. It is known for its calming properties and soothing effects on the body. Although it may alter your mood to provide a deep sense of relaxation, it doesn't change the spatial and sensory perceptions or create euphoria. It also supports healthy sleep cycles and, with consistent usage, effectively reduces muscle pain and exercise-induced inflammation.
Seek the advice of a health professional familiar with CBD or Hemp oil extract.
Will I fall asleep after taking CBD hemp oil - Will it make me feel drowsy?
People may mistakenly think they can take this and fall asleep. It's not like medicine that will make you sleep faster, but it does help with stress which may lead to sleeping more quickly.
The myrcene content of cannabis has some sedative properties that may help people relax when they're stressed out or anxious.  If speaking strictly medically, these effects don't last long enough.

What forms of products is CBD hemp oil available in?
Hemp oil, CBD hemp oil, or Hemp oil extract, all products of the same name as explained earlier,  are available in a variety of forms and strengths, including oil, extracts, vaporized liquids, oil-based capsules and skincare products

Where to buy CBD hemp oil?
If you're looking to take charge of own your health, you've come to the right place. Here at Indivita Global, we create a perfect blend of enriched whole-plant extracts, which contain full-spectrum Phytocannabinoids to bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors for a better experience releasing the natural cannabinoids in your system.
With decades of industry experience, our expert team creates the purest quality products using proven ingredients backed by science.
Our natural and organic CBD hemp oil extract is a safe and better approach to the harmful chemical-based treatments often used to treat ailments.
At all times, you are encouraged to seek the advice of a health professional.